Definition of monopulse in US English:



  • Denoting a system of radar in which the angular location of a target is determined by comparison of two or more simultaneously received signals.

    • ‘The radar uses monopulse tracking mode during the spiral descent.’
    • ‘The system uses a combination of omni-directional antennas and directional monopulse masthead antenna arrays and provides a directional accuracy of better than 1° for targeting.’
    • ‘The radar homing head is active monopulse and frequency agile.’
    • ‘The system uses a masthead antenna array with omnidirectional and monopulse directional antennae and a separate periscope warning antenna.’
    • ‘The radars provide 360° scanning with simultaneous target tracking, clutter suppression, search on the move capability and monopulse tracking mode.’


  • A monopulse radar system or installation.


Late 1950s: from mono, ‘one’ + pulse.