Definition of Monopoly money in US English:

Monopoly money


  • Money regarded as having no real existence or value.

    ‘the Monopoly money we'd won playing Internet stocks while dot-com fever swept the nation’
    • ‘‘Many people see trade dollars as Monopoly money,’ he says.’
    • ‘To be fair, they did point out that the business school was built with dodgy arms-deal money, or Monopoly money, or something.’
    • ‘That is crazy money for even a couple with both people working - it is Monopoly money because it is not within the average person's reach.’
    • ‘Unemployment is widespread, inflation has turned the Zimbabwean dollar into Monopoly money, the exchequer is bare and foreign aid is being cut.’
    • ‘You'd think they would have blown some tax dollars doing some kind of marketing blitz warning the American public that this Monopoly money is real…’
    • ‘I want to remind those who want to spend Monopoly money on horses that the value of their investments can go down as well as up.’
    • ‘Give it to me in the Queen's sterling for now if you can, I'll get used to that Brussels Monopoly money in good time!’


From the imitation money used in the game of Monopoly (see monopoly (sense 2)).


Monopoly money

/məˈnɑpəli ˌməni//məˈnäpəlē ˌmənē/