Definition of monopole in English:



  • 1Physics
    A single electric charge or magnetic pole, especially a hypothetical isolated magnetic pole.

    • ‘Yet particle theories like Grand Unified Theories and superstring theory predict magnetic monopoles should exist.’
    • ‘‘In a sense the searches for both magnetic monopoles and gravity waves are very similar,’ he says.’
    • ‘The result would be quite different if the magnetic dipoles were composed instead of free monopoles, analogous to electric charges.’
    • ‘Pinfold and his team are searching for an elusive, almost mythical, particle called a magnetic monopole.’
    • ‘The coupling of electrons to these momentum-space monopoles is mathematically similar to their coupling to the real-space magnetic monopoles that have long been sought by particle physicists.’
  • 2A radio antenna or pylon consisting of a single pole or rod.

    • ‘Common HF antennas like vertical monopoles, horizontal wire dipoles, and loop antennas all provide omni-directional communications when configured properly.’
    • ‘He said that most households would need to re-orient their TV antennas from the existing northerly direction to point to the new monopole.’
    • ‘If we can't do that, we would need to have a 15 metre monopole somewhere in the vicinity, and that would have more visual effect.’
    • ‘A digital radio hi-fi tuner will come with an indoor aerial, either a ribbon dipole or a monopole (half dipole).’
    • ‘Marsis features three long antenna booms - a dipole and monopole - that broadcast very long wavelength radio waves toward the planet.’