Definition of monomorphism in US English:



  • See monomorphic

    • ‘The temperate japonica and aromatic populations also had the highest incidence of monomorphism, with 15 and 21 monomorphic loci, respectively.’
    • ‘This monomorphism, in at least one duplicate, does not allow segregation between duplicates, which is necessary to determine whether loci are or are not linked.’
    • ‘The increase in tail length in M. leucopterus is shown to a greater extent in the males, resulting in sexual monomorphism.’
    • ‘Consistent with these predictions, monogamy is correlated with sexual monomorphism and polygamy is correlated with sexual dimorphism.’
    • ‘Indeed, initial evidence based on allozymes indicated widespread genetic monomorphism in submerged plants, suggesting a much larger role for clonal than for sexual propagation.’