Definition of monomania in English:



  • Exaggerated or obsessive enthusiasm for or preoccupation with one thing.

    • ‘This needn't have happened if not driven by Morgan's sudden monomania and desperation to be right.’
    • ‘Like most blogs, the content is erratic, syncopated by the intrusions of daily life, random interests, monomania, narcissism and booze.’
    • ‘His true believers, with the steadfastness that comes from monomania, are energized by anger about the war.’
    • ‘He is the novel's most famous character, and an easily recognizable symbol of monomania.’
    • ‘It's monomania on whatever the one story of the day is and that's from a structural standpoint.’
    • ‘Ironically enough, his foray into racing was an attempt to ease off from a life of monomania, to prepare for retirement by finding new interests.’
    • ‘His obsession verges on monomania, and he becomes ‘bewitched to her memory’.’
    • ‘Parker displays the monomania that crucially marks off true artistry from mere dabbling.’
    • ‘The fact that she spent five years trying to find grounds for criticism takes on an aura of monomania.’
    • ‘To me, it illustrates that the son is incapable of distinguishing between singleness of purpose and monomania.’
    • ‘In fact, the only drawback is the album's lyrical monomania.’
    • ‘This is just another example of contemporary political monomania in pictorial form.’
    • ‘Ferguson set up his retirement, cultivated outside interests, sought to escape his monomania - sought, in fact, to get bored with the struggle.’
    • ‘It's the familiar story of the destructive monomania of the professional activist.’
    • ‘His bellowed anti-Europe diatribes breathe the monomania that still sets the conference afire.’
    • ‘They suffer from a semi-religious monomania which distracts attention from the major issues in their field.’
    • ‘To avoid the charge of monomania, the authors are careful to constrain their claims.’
    • ‘Pity the poor actors who've had to perform during the city's recent hockey monomania.’
    • ‘I am not making fun of this guy - who am I to criticize this sort of monomania, after all.’
    • ‘There are two reasons for that, not that anyone need explain an eschewal of monomania.’
    obsession, fixation, idée fixe, ruling passion, consuming passion, mania, compulsion, fetish, preoccupation, hobby horse
    bee in one's bonnet, thing
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