Definition of monofilament in US English:


(also monofil)


  • 1A single strand of man-made fiber.

    • ‘When I use a monofilament to test his sensation, he reports no feeling in his toes - nor in his feet, nor in his hands.’
    • ‘The range of hip, knee, and ankle movement should be determined, and sensation should be tested for example, with a monofilament to exclude a peripheral neuropathy.’
    • ‘Suspended from the ceiling by an invisible monofilament was another work, a light and lovely disposable chandelier made out of twist ties, the ultimate summer camp project.’
    • ‘Patients were asked to state the time interval during which the monofilament was felt or say if they could not tell.’
    • ‘In insects, one of the most informative ways to assay immunocompetence is to measure the cellular encapsulation response to a novel and standardized antigen, such as a nylon monofilament.’
    • ‘The inability to feel a 5.07 thickness monofilament indicates the absence of protective sensation, resulting in decreased awareness of pressure injury or trauma.’
    • ‘The practitioner should apply the monofilament at several locations on the foot.’
    • ‘Some manufacturers have developed combinations of monofilaments and fibrillated fibers; others blend macrofibers and microfibers together.’
    • ‘At the high-quality end of the industry, flock manufacturers cut flock from long cables of parallel monofilaments of nylon, rayon, or polyester.’
    • ‘Reduced sensation can be detected with a monofilament, and patients with sensory neuropathy as well as other high risk features need advice on foot care to minimise the risk of ulceration.’
    • ‘‘We can use a monofilament to detect the loss of sensation in the foot,’ he explains.’
    1. 1.1 A type of fishing line using a single strand of man-made fiber.
      • ‘Start by cutting the 400 lb monofilament to your preferred length.’
      • ‘A final word about monofilament, it does deteriorate with the passage of time and there are all sorts of technical reasons why this is so.’
      • ‘To assist in your purchases why not look at bulk packaged items like hooks, swivels, snap swivels and quality monofilament or wire leaders.’
      • ‘The ability to tie a good knot in monofilament and braid lines is an ability to be cultivated and practised.’
      • ‘If it will remain on the garment, stitch it in place along the outer edges with monofilament or matching thread.’
      • ‘Assuming that 15 pound breaking strain line is used, an angler using monofilament might have to use a six or eight ounce sinker and use a 20 lb class rod to carry that sinker weight.’
      • ‘Don't use nylon monofilament - the pressure builds up and can warp your reel.’
      • ‘So how do you ensure that any knot in monofilament is as good as you can get it?’
      • ‘It is demonstrably better than monofilament when used with small nymphs and dry flies because it is virtually invisible in water.’
      • ‘Given the tangled circumstances, heavy monofilament or no-stretch super braid is a wise choice.’
      • ‘I am not a great exponent of braided lines so tend to use monofilament for my fishing.’
      • ‘He wasn't sure if it was down to conditions at the time, when he had used it, but his results had been better than when using monofil straight through.’
      • ‘Amazingly he had landed this fish on ‘light’ tackle; using a fixed spool reel and only forty pound monofilament.’
      • ‘Whether or not you choose to use Superbraid line or standard monofilament is a decision you make for yourself.’
      • ‘There are many different thickness's of serving thread as well as different materials, such as monofilament and nylon.’
      • ‘Trimming the tag end of the knot or even simply cutting it can pose a problem for anglers more used to snipping monofilament.’
      • ‘It's essential when fishing braid, to add about 30-ft of monofilament to the end of the braid.’
      • ‘A small selection of flies and monofilament is also available.’
      • ‘The simplest and easiest way to finish the whipping is to bind a loop of fine monofilament or tying silk under the ring whipping for the last ten turns or so.’
      • ‘I found it a great place for bagging off from, but beware of snagging - netting, monofilament, and ropes abound!’