Definition of monochromatic in US English:



  • 1Containing or using only one color.

    ‘monochromatic light’
    • ‘The only decorations are two simple candle sconces and a pair of side-by-side shelves holding glass vases of monochromatic tulips or roses.’
    • ‘A devout minimalist permanently clad in monochromatic shades of black and grey, she's the ultimate cartoon embodiment of design.’
    • ‘Seventies designs, in contrast, were monochromatic and tonally organised, texts rationalised and regular.’
    • ‘That's why suits and monochromatic colors are so popular because the concept of work as dictated by the western civilization is about conformity.’
    • ‘If the set is entirely monochromatic the costumes use vivid colour - luscious carmine reds, particularly for the lovers.’
    • ‘For a modern minimalist apartment you should go for something monochromatic and striking, like two or three large red amaryllis with a single big leaf.’
    • ‘They're legible but barely, approaching a very painterly monochromatic abstraction.’
    • ‘The glints of orange fish scales and the gleam of a metallic beetle are some of the few flashes of colour in a predominantly monochromatic palette.’
    • ‘Artisans began to experiment with single coloured glazes, and the collection includes several such simple, monochromatic vases, dishes, and bowls.’
    • ‘To shock your senses after that monochromatic landscape, you'll chase the horseback ride with a hike and mountain-bike ride through the Heidmörk Recreational Area, carpeted with thousands of poppies.’
    • ‘Ann herself wore the traditional white, while her bridesmaids, four real beauties, wore black, giving a monochromatic effect to the wedding.’
    • ‘Jeremy Dickinson is a British artist who paints weird pictures of toy cars and buses next to playing cards and blank, monochromatic backgrounds.’
    • ‘The monochromatic variations on sepia keep the actors and their adventures at a refined aesthetic distance.’
    • ‘The house wren is a small, sexually monomorphic and monochromatic migratory songbird that breeds throughout much of North America.’
    • ‘The film is comprised of a series of vignettes punctuated throughout by shots of text against monochromatic backgrounds.’
    • ‘Colour choices are subdued, and monochromatic.’
    • ‘Soon, the vines will have reddish sprouts and the almond trees will begin to bloom, but now everything is bleached, brown, monochromatic.’
    • ‘Whereas the ocean scene is serene and monochromatic, this one has a highly compressed sense of the space, with a strong range of tones and contrasts.’
    • ‘Nine prints and monochromatic paintings by the Italian colourist were sold at last weekend's private preview.’
    • ‘On a very basic level, hospitals are partial to monochromatic colors, which is itself hardly cause for alarm.’
    1. 1.1Physics (of light or other radiation) of a single wavelength or frequency.
      • ‘The helium-cadmium laser provides a convenient source of monochromatic UVA light at sufficient intensity to enable a study of irradiance-dependent phenomena over a reasonable range.’
      • ‘Interference reflection microscopy measures the reflection of a specimen under monochromatic illumination.’
      • ‘The shapes of the action spectra drastically changed depending on the fluence rate of the unilateral monochromatic irradiation.’
      • ‘Interference and neutral density filters were additionally used to obtain a stimulus of white or monochromatic light of different intensities.’
      • ‘After diffraction of the beam, the monochromatic radiation was exited from the lower part of the slit and transmitted by another light guide.’