Definition of monk seal in US English:

monk seal


  • A seal with a dark back and pale underside, occurring in warm waters of the northern hemisphere.

    Genus Monachus, family Phocidae: two or three species, including M. tropicalis of the Caribbean and the endangered M. monachus of the Mediterranean and adjacent seas

    • ‘Thanks to a courageous conservation project, the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal's future looks much brighter.’
    • ‘Hawaii may have no native terrestrial mammals, but the islands do harbor one native aquatic mammal, the monk seal, and one native flying mammal, the hoary bat.’
    • ‘The islands serve as nesting grounds for green sea turtles, home to millions of seabirds, and a refuge for rare monk seals.’
    • ‘Under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, the Hawaiian monk seal has had some of its coastal habitat protected.’
    • ‘An endangered Hawaiian monk seal is back home in waters off an island in Hawaii after surgeons removed a large fishhook from his mouth.’


monk seal

/ˈməNGk sē(ə)l/