Definition of moniliform in US English:



Zoology Botany
  • Resembling a string of beads.

    • ‘Clusters range from limited moniliform series of beadlike chambers to irregularly intergrown or adnate chambers with long exaulos tubes.’
    • ‘Chambers are in a moniliform arrangement, without a spongocoel wall (endowall).’
    • ‘Faint brown septate hyphae and moniliform fungal elements were found in the granuloma.’
    • ‘Finally, all representatives of section Polystachya examined were found to possess multicellular, uniseriate, moniliform trichomes that fragment to form unicellular units.’
    • ‘In each case, pseudopollen is formed by the fragmentation of uniseriate, moniliform hairs into individual component cells or short chains of cells rich in protein.’


Early 19th century: from French moniliforme or modern Latin moniliformis, from Latin monile ‘necklace’ + -form.