Definition of moneyer in US English:



  • A person who mints money.

    • ‘Offa's coinage was produced largely at Canterbury, by named moneyers, was more plentiful than before, and of higher artistic merit.’
    • ‘The economic status of Ipswich in the Late Saxon Age is seen in the number of moneyers minting coins there.’
    • ‘The moneyer's name, Eoba, is on the reverse, each letter in a petal of a quatrefoil.’
    • ‘Mr Hall spoke of their surprise that the building where the die was found - the house or workshop of a ‘moneyer’ or engraver - was of wattle construction.’
    • ‘The previous, small, dumpy, and rather informal silver coins were replaced by broader, thinner and heavier silver pennies which carried the name of the king and the moneyer.’