Definition of money grab in US English:

money grab


  • An undignified or unprincipled acquisition of a large sum of money with little effort.

    • ‘I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of Lions Gate when he sees their latest money grab using his franchise, though.’
    • ‘A sport is now being shut down not over grand concepts, but over nothing more than a shameless money grab.’
    • ‘Naturally his plan would not help develop the game across Europe but it is rather a selfish and grubby money grab.’
    • ‘To me, what makes this seem like a money grab is that they're suing both companies.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this book more often than not seems a well-timed money grab to squeeze a few more dollars out of desperate mob addicts.’
    • ‘The governor says the measure is ‘a big money grab for the casinos’ with ‘very clever language that really means zero dollars for the state.’’
    • ‘Its not about morals or laws, its about a money grab pure and simple.’
    • ‘The association's last offer ‘would have accomplished the money grab and would have provided peanuts in wages.’’
    • ‘It's a money grab for Canseco, who reportedly was in some financial straits when the book was released.’
    • ‘And that's why these made-for-TV money grabs should be dumped.’
    • ‘A great number of people thought at the time that this ‘boot camp’ type of training was just a money grab by some IT vendors.’
    • ‘However, in this instance, it seems like a money grab by the University.’
    • ‘We view the war on terrorism as a war of corporate greed, destruction, death, and power - it's another money grab for the rich corporations and their shareholders.’
    • ‘When so many shows are being released by the season, a single disc with four episodes seems like a money grab, even if it is cheap.’
    • ‘The previously civil relationship between doctor and patient became a civil war with doctors on one side of the money grab, and patients on the other.’
    • ‘It is a power and money grab that should be - and is - beneath many organized religions.’
    • ‘In the era of the money grab and the cell phone celebration, he has created an environment in which the team eclipses individuals.’
    • ‘The defense exposed numerous inconsistencies in the stories presented by the two witnesses, and portrayed the entire charge as a money grab.’
    • ‘Covering every facet of their lengthy career to date, this is not just a cheap money grab.’
    • ‘Retailers are frustrated that they're about to be charged for trash removal, saying the fees are a money grab for the city and that they already pay for garbage collection through their taxes.’