Definition of money-oriented in US English:


(British money-orientated)


  • Focused on money and material possessions; materialistic.

    ‘the rise of a self-centered, money-oriented society’
    • ‘Money-oriented folk may bask in the glow of a high income, since they regard it as the primary sign of success and personal worth.’
    • ‘I do think that racing is becoming too money-oriented.’
    • ‘I am not materialistic and money-oriented, so I need something meaningful, spiritual and helpful to do to earn my living.’
    • ‘I was heartened to see that fan power is still alive and kicking in a money-orientated game dominated more and more by agents and footballers.’
    • ‘She was an elegant woman indeed, but very money-oriented.’
    • ‘Jerry becomes convinced that the field of sports agency has become too money-oriented.’
    • ‘Kids in the '80s and '90s were pretty apathetic and money-oriented, not really involved in world affairs.’
    • ‘The companies behind it all are very money-orientated.’
    • ‘After first pursuing a money-oriented career amongst silicon chips, in the late Nineties he decided to pursue his dreams in performance.’
    • ‘I am not completely money-oriented.’
    • ‘Social critics may bemoan the money-oriented values of teens, but summer programs that feature community service in places such as Ecuador, Ghana, and Fiji are deluged with applicants.’
    • ‘We want the blinkered, money-orientated council to sit up and take note. "’
    worldly, consumerist, money-grubbing
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