Definition of monetary unit in US English:

monetary unit


  • A standard unit of value of a country's coinage.

    • ‘Once the government has established a monetary unit, the rest of the economy typically adopts the unit for many different purposes.’
    • ‘This number is expressed in monetary units.’
    • ‘The value of the monetary unit begins to fall faster than the supply is or can be increased.’
    • ‘Finally, we have the average price level, which is an index of average prices expressed in monetary units.’
    • ‘Second, changes in the purchasing power of monetary units were not taken into consideration by current accounting rules.’
    • ‘Hence the value of these claims is inextricably linked with the vicissitudes of the American monetary unit, the dollar.’
    • ‘Moreover, in many countries the US dollar exists alongside the local currency as the preferred monetary unit.’
    • ‘One central application is that merchants place prices on goods, stated in terms of the monetary unit.’
    • ‘The monetary unit is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, which is pegged to the U.S. dollar.’
    • ‘In particular, governments monopolize the supply of currency denominated in the national monetary unit.’
    • ‘Then we have prices for different inputs and outputs, which are set relative to one another, but which are expressed in monetary units.’
    • ‘Only 21 percent had a lower trust level in which they invested less than 8 monetary units.’
    • ‘But business accounting is traditionally geared to a world where the value of the monetary unit is stable.’
    • ‘This is a problem of government finance that is logically separate from the definition of the monetary unit.’
    • ‘The first three approaches quantify value in monetary units.’
    • ‘Once such a belief has taken hold, the decline in the value of the monetary unit is anticipated.’
    • ‘The basic monetary unit is the Somali shilling, with one hundred cents equal to one shilling.’
    • ‘Fluctuations in the purchasing power of gold have been sufficiently large that substantial changes in the gold content of the monetary unit would have been needed to stabilize prices.’
    • ‘The national monetary unit is the Turkish lira (TL).’
    • ‘First, measure the cost of living according to the prices quoted by merchants under the most recent definition of the monetary unit.’