Definition of monarchical in US English:



  • Relating to a monarch or monarchy.

    ‘a monarchical regime’
    ‘the struggle against monarchical tyranny’
    • ‘His views on monarchical systems are a little contradictory.’
    • ‘There is a shift from the physical body of the sovereign to the more abstract body of the state—a reinvented monarchical body.’
    • ‘They refused to accept any kind of compromise with a monarchical state.’
    • ‘One finds a multitude of nondemocratic regimes there, ranging from monarchical kingdoms to authoritarian polities.’
    • ‘It inverts the typical opera prologue, traditionally dedicated to monarchical flattery.’
    • ‘They are often called on to fill the symbolic vacuum left by the breaking of monarchical ties.’
    • ‘Capital punishment seemed an unacceptable relic of monarchical governments, out of place in a republic.’
    • ‘George III's rhetorical transformation from symbol of monarchical benevolence to tyrant provided the ultimate justification for revolution.’
    • ‘The main innovation was the charter that provided a parliamentary framework to restrain monarchical authority.’
    • ‘The monarchical institutions established in 1814 were no more than a temporary stopgap.’