Definition of moment of inertia in US English:

moment of inertia


  • A quantity expressing a body's tendency to resist angular acceleration. It is the sum of the products of the mass of each particle in the body with the square of its distance from the axis of rotation.

    • ‘The asymmetry of water and ozone molecules causes the moments of inertia that govern the quanta of rotational motion to be different in each spatial direction.’
    • ‘Even if you assume the weight does not change, the moments of inertia will increase as size increases.’
    • ‘For each segment, it is necessary to measure the mass, center of mass, moment of inertia, initial position and initial angular velocity.’
    • ‘The model factored in the contributions of the ground reaction force, mass moment of inertia of the shank and foot segments, and the brace valgus load.’
    • ‘If the weight is concentrated in the center of the ball, it will have a low mass moment of inertia.’