Definition of moleskin in English:



  • 1The skin of a mole used as fur.

    • ‘He was in the same get up, just with a moleskin jacket, and very short deerskin shorts.’
  • 2A thick, strong cotton fabric with a shaved pile surface.

    as modifier ‘a moleskin coat’
    • ‘Apparently with the longer curly blond hair and the black moleskin jacket I look ‘very indie’.’
    • ‘Tweeds, velvets, moleskin - there's no retro cloth that hasn't been revamped for a new generation of trendsetters.’
    • ‘She had changed into a black moleskin cloak-like dress but had kept her red headscarf and cross-laced sandals.’
    • ‘He is wearing a chocolate brown moleskin suit, a dark shirt and tartan clip-on braces, one of which has come adrift.’
    • ‘I asked Geoff to explain the differences in the different moleskin fabrics.’
    • ‘For texture, we've used traditional moleskin in our cushioning and have hot-branded the Longhorn logo in leather and timber throughout.’
    • ‘The fabrics are understated, using simple knits, jersey cotton and moleskins.’
    • ‘Later that afternoon, he is back in his £400 custom-made wig, moleskin britches and make-up to give a reading at a travel trade fair.’
    • ‘He's wearing grey herringbone-tweed trousers and a velvety moleskin jacket.’
    • ‘You would know them at a glance - dressed almost alike with brown boots, moleskin trousers, and a peaked cap turned to the left side.’
    • ‘These two contrasting elements surface as streamlined suits with detailed panelling and tab-fronted trousers, either in traditional herringbone tweed, soft moleskin or leather.’
    • ‘I often feel like I'm an 18th century aristocrat arriving at Lord Monck's house for dinner, a dark-coated wag or bounder wearing the latest in britches and moleskin cape.’
    • ‘The tails of his black cloth coat were pinned up behind to keep them from rubbing; he had on a pair of moleskin trousers and leather gaiters, and in his hand he carried a little whip of rhinoceros hide.’
    • ‘The decision to go with my rather fetching moleskin jacket was looking like a victory for style over practicality.’
    • ‘On Friday he was canvassing on the Thames View Estate dressed in a brown moleskin suit, white shirt, beige tie and polished shoes.’
    • ‘Jeans, polo shirts, boots, moleskin trousers, handcrafted belts, hats and jackets are among some of the products on sale at the new store.’
    1. 2.1moleskins Clothes, especially trousers, made of moleskin fabric.
      • ‘The light weight moleskins come in beige and taupe, and the heavy weight in navy, green, beige and taupe.’
      • ‘The young judges in their new Akubras and moleskins were great to see.’
      • ‘He therefore exchanges his spangled ‘European drag’ for the moleskins and elastic-sided boots of a jackeroo.’
      • ‘He was one of those tiny lion-dog things, a tad hyperactive, and irritatingly fond of gnawing at the bottom of my moleskins, but winningly cute.’
      • ‘Moretons sells a wide range of trousers, especially moleskins, and jackets through their website and their Christchurch shop.’
      • ‘So once again I have found what I am looking for and cannot leave the store without purchasing two pairs of heavyweight moleskins.’
      • ‘Men, women and children donned their finest boots, moleskins and shirts for this year's race weekend.’
    2. 2.2US A soft fabric with adhesive backing used as a foot bandage.
      • ‘Apply moleskin or tape places where your feet have a tendency to get hot spots.’
      • ‘Carry moleskin for those blisters as soon as they begin to be noticeable.’
      • ‘She was pretty sure she had some moleskin in the first aid kit.’
      • ‘Get a metatarsal pad or a piece of thick moleskin, bevel the edges and paste it on the sock liner or directly on the shoe so that it hits just behind the heads of the metatarsal bones.’
      • ‘Protect hot spots and blisters with moleskin, medical tape or good old duct tape.’
      • ‘The company has numerous foot products, from toe spacers to moleskin, that can help a dancer in distress.’
      • ‘Wear socks that whisk away sweat to protect your feet, and remember beforehand to apply moleskin to places where you have a tendency to get hot spots.’
      • ‘Be proactive: Put moleskin on your feet in sensitive, blister-prone areas before you hike.’
      • ‘You might also try attaching moleskin to the inside of your shoes where it might rub, such as your heels.’