Definition of molecular electronics in English:

molecular electronics

plural noun

  • [treated as singular] A branch of electronics in which individual molecules perform the same function as microelectronic devices such as diodes.

    • ‘They plan to study the structure of molecular layers sandwiched between two conducting surfaces, a configuration directly relevant to molecular electronics.’
    • ‘‘Although many classes of molecules can be used for molecular electronics, only a small percentage of these have been assessed so far,’ Flood said.’
    • ‘However, recent breakthroughs in molecular electronics have been announced that will extend or even accelerate density doubling well into the mid-21st century.’
    • ‘The Dutch team that crafted the world's first functioning transistor from a single carbon nanotube in 1998 has taken another major step in molecular electronics.’
    • ‘A key challenge in molecular electronics is making electrical contacts to the fragile molecules, chemical chains that are easily damaged.’


  • molecular electronic

    • ‘molecular electronic materials and inorganic particles’
      • ‘‘The ability to organize polymers in this fashion,’ the authors write, ‘can be used to create new molecular electronic devices wherein polymers are extended between electrodes.’’
      • ‘The bottom layer of the molecular electronic device is transparent glass coated with a conductive material.’
      • ‘DNA nanostructures can act as ‘scaffolds ‘in protein-crystallography experiments and may soon form support structures in 3D molecular electronic circuits.’
      • ‘The effect provides a new tool for studying the inner workings of nanotubes, which might someday serve as the building blocks for molecular electronic circuits.’
      • ‘I am optimistic that molecular electronic devices can be made using our method because I don't see a reason why the remaining hurdles can't be overcome.’