Definition of mole rat in US English:

mole rat


  • A herbivorous short-legged ratlike rodent that typically lives permanently underground, with long incisors that protrude from the mouth and are used in digging.

    Family Bathyergidae (African mole rats): several genera; also two subfamilies and three genera in the family Muridae (Eurasian blind mole rats and Asiatic mole rats)

    • ‘The blind mole rat, S. ehrenbergi, receives seismic vibrations by pressing its lower jaw against the ground to transmit vibrations to the inner ear by bone conduction.’
    • ‘Cobras flourish as long as there are rice fields; there they feed mainly on the mole rat, live and lay their eggs in the rat burrow networks.’
    • ‘Unlike other wolves, the species hunts alone, with individuals leaving their groups in the late morning and early afternoon in search of giant mole rats and grass rats.’
    • ‘As the mole rat's visual cortex has been reduced, some of its other brain structures, associated with touch and smell, have expanded.’
    • ‘Where several species of mole rats occur in the same area, they appear to segregate by soil type.’