Definition of moisturize in US English:


(British moisturise)


[with object]
  • Make (something, especially the skin) less dry.

    ‘revitalize your face, moisturize your skin’
    ‘most shaving products now contain moisturizing properties’
    • ‘Today pure essential oils are being used for natural skin care products, and their unique qualities are ideal for cleansing, toning and moisturising the skin.’
    • ‘Many of today's over-the-counter skin creams and lotions promise to do more than moisturize the skin.’
    • ‘Every few days, I have to soften up my feet, exfoliate and moisturise my whole body and find time for a face pack.’
    • ‘It will moisturise your skin, soften it, and form a protective barrier against pollution and sun damage.’
    • ‘Combination skin looks best with new advanced formulations designed to moisturize dry parts and absorb oil in shiny areas.’
    • ‘We all need ways to protect and moisturize our skin, so it can look fresh no matter what the weather is like outside.’
    • ‘Honey moisturizes the skin and removes wrinkles.’
    • ‘An after sun cream will cool overheated skin, moisturise dehydrated skin, and help prevent peeling, so you keep the colour even longer.’
    • ‘Plain yogurt on a burn helps moisturize the skin and cool the heat.’
    • ‘A few drops of jojoba oil applied directly to the affected area will also give relief and help to moisturise the skin..’
    • ‘It's essential to moisturize baby's delicate skin to protect it and prevent chapping, especially in cold, dry weather.’
    • ‘These sebaceous glands normally produce sebum, a substance which moisturizes the skin.’
    • ‘For those of you with extra-sensitive skin, I recommend that you apply another cream to moisturize your skin, specifically one that won't clog your pores.’
    • ‘Now Western women are flocking to perfumeries and department stores looking for the same shea butter to smooth wrinkles, soften heels and moisturise hair.’
    • ‘Facial wax should be very mild and made with natural ingredients that calm and moisturize the skin, such as lavender essential oil.’
    • ‘Lightly spray this leave-in Conditioner on wet or dry hair before bed, and the wheat amino acids will help soften and moisturize your locks - while you snooze.’
    • ‘Water moisturizes the skin, preserves its elasticity and pumps up those skin cells, which all makes your skin soft and supple.’
    • ‘This light product softens, strengthens and moisturizes both relaxed and natural hair.’
    • ‘Omegas help moisturize the skin at exceptional levels.’
    • ‘It's important to moisturize your skin from the inside to keep the inner layers of the skin from drying out and to provide necessary nutrients to the surface.’
    moisturizing, palliative, balsamic
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