Definition of moidore in US English:



  • A Portuguese gold coin, current in England in the early 18th century and then worth about 27 shillings.

    • ‘Under the universal name of moidore it became the most commonly traded coin in the New World and was internationally the principal gold coin of the 18th century.’
    • ‘A number of Spanish pieces-of-eight and moidores were dug up at Castletown, whilst excavating for enlargement of the Earl of Derby's wine cellars.’
    • ‘They acquired the cargo including jewels, 40,000 gold moidores and a diamond studded gold cross, intended for King of Portugal.’
    • ‘Gold and silver coins from France (pistole and ecu) and Portugal (moidore and johannes) could also be found.’
    • ‘In 1800, a fisherman, John Richard, found a quantity of gold moidores and doubloons among the rocks here.’


From Portuguese moeda d'ouro ‘money of gold’.