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  • 1Each of a set of standardized parts or independent units that can be used to construct a more complex structure, such as an item of furniture or a building.

    • ‘The largest engineering center is in Graz where 1200 engineers are developing components, systems, modules and complete vehicles.’
    • ‘The Army has no mandated size of unit building blocks; module size will vary within each functional category.’
    • ‘At the same time, plastics developers are targeting structural components like front end modules and other mainstays of stamped steel like seat frames.’
    • ‘Cutting away the front of the frame to install the module weakens the overall structure of the grip-frame.’
    • ‘The test aircraft will have six laser modules, and the production version will have 14.’
    • ‘Ballistic protection is provided by special armour modules, which are attached to the tank by bolts.’
    • ‘Standard lamp modules and appliance modules have full access to house current since they are plugged directly into a power outlet.’
    • ‘In those plants, assembly areas will have the same footprint containing standardized modules built from a select group of common components.’
    • ‘Our main products are light sources and modules that enable plastic optical fibre to be used for high bandwidth, low-cost links with large data capacity.’
    • ‘Where the station rested in space a minute ago was now an incomplete framework of solar panels and pieces of modules, tubing, and railings.’
    • ‘The 1,750 sq ft bungalow is made up of three buildings connected by modules that act as light wells and avoid claustrophobic corridors.’
    • ‘It relied on suppliers to design, develop and assemble vehicle components into modules, which would be shipped to the main plant for final assembly.’
    • ‘The module contains 1,000 minute electrodes which will create 1,000 ‘points of light’.’
    • ‘These systems will comprise a library of component device modules and proprietary modular components.’
    • ‘A closer look at many new buildings reveal they are equipped with various kinds of solar electric modules collecting solar power for water heating and electricity.’
    • ‘Last year, it won a contract to supply the builder with 150 modules containing finished bathrooms and utility rooms for use in an apartment development in Cork.’
    • ‘Ahead of him, Marc was wading up the tunnel fearlessly, following the light modules on the tunnel wall.’
    • ‘In the final stages here we would do two steps: we will test the module and label it according to its specified power, then we will put a frame around it, box it, and put it out in the warehouse.’
    • ‘We ship our standard product with our standard modules for automotive.’
    • ‘To obtain a soft colour for the roof, yet use a steel resistant to salt, the steel was bought in flat sheets and rolled to a designed profile in accord with the building module.’
    part, piece, bit, constituent, element, ingredient
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    1. 1.1usually with adjective An independent self-contained unit of a spacecraft.
      • ‘We crawled inside through a small opening in the orbital module.’
      • ‘The Japanese are planning a tearoom module for the International Space Station, despite the problems with drinking liquids in zero gravity.’
      • ‘One possible method for keeping lunar dust out of the habitation module was to keep the spacesuit outside, ‘docking’ it to the habitat module.’
      • ‘The space shuttle produced a space station with nearly minimum-size modules.’
      • ‘His ideal station would be relatively small, consisting of no more than two modules weighing 20-25 metric tons.’
      • ‘Space Station Imagination is two linked 48-foot trailers forming two modules of the Space Station.’
      • ‘It also assumes that there would be enough room in the shuttle's cargo bay for the deorbit module.’
      • ‘The Maxus - 4 rocket launched on 29 April carried seven experiments stacked in five self-contained modules.’
      • ‘During its life a total of forty-six missions were made by the United States and Russia to Mir, including the missions to bring more modules to the spacecraft.’
      • ‘The maximum heating rate of the capsule in the re-entry is several tens times higher than that of the Space Shuttle and several times higher than the Apollo recovery module.’
      • ‘The nodes are elements interconnecting laboratory and habitation modules of the International Space Station.’
      • ‘Flights to the Moon could employ detachable crew modules atop nuclear thermal transfer vehicles.’
      • ‘Apart from the Skylark launch vehicle, MASER 10 comprised four experiment modules, a service module and a recovery system.’
      • ‘Mir, their last, was modular and had space for up to six cosmonauts and six ports for docking spacecraft or other modules.’
      • ‘Endeavour also will carry to the space station its second logistics carrier, a module named Raffaello provided by the Italian Space Agency.’
      • ‘The service module, and the orbital module are burned in the Earth's atmosphere, whilst the re-entry module uses its heat shield to make a safe return.’
      • ‘The whole world watched, as the orbiting space shuttle released the Moonlander module.’
      • ‘If the decision is made to use a space station module careful preparations will have to be made.’
      • ‘A possible solution may exist, if station modules could be launched while the shuttle is docked to the station.’
      craft, probe
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    2. 1.2Computing Any of a number of distinct but interrelated units from which a program may be built up or into which a complex activity may be analyzed.
      • ‘Virtual software machine running multiple program modules in a single address space of a target computer’
      • ‘The biggest stumbling block for most people involves the few requisite Perl modules for database support.’
      • ‘You don't have time to wait for a C programmer to develop a custom database module for your web page - you need a solution that works today.’
      • ‘This object is an interface between your module and the database, and it performs the query.’
      • ‘Your computer or a special module connected to your network sends your request over the internet to the computer or telephone exchange you are attempting to contact.’


Late 16th century (in the senses ‘allotted scale’ and ‘plan, model’): from French, or from Latin modulus (see modulus). Current senses date from the 1950s.