Definition of modernist in English:



  • A believer in or supporter of modernism, especially in the arts.

    • ‘In contrast to modernists and traditionalists, some young designers take modernist principles as only a starting point for their ideas.’
    • ‘This now sounds embarrassingly quaint, but many modernists have sought such authority from museums.’
    • ‘But while all avant-gardists are modernists, not all modernists are avant-gardists.’
    • ‘We resist getting typecast either as conservationists or modernists.’
    • ‘It is common knowledge that the Surrealists and many key European modernists came to New York to escape the war.’
    • ‘Yet after the war modernists and their allies seized on this symbol of the antiquity of Japanese culture as a touchstone for their own designs.’
    • ‘Ideologically orthodox Communists were extreme modernists who believed in a centrally planned, technological society.’
    • ‘To begin with, artists and critics, from academics to modernists, believed that American art lagged behind that of Europe.’
    • ‘One of the most famous modernists was Edouard Manet.’
    • ‘In 1946 the modernists showed their work separately in the crypt of the Mariners' Chapel in St Ives and were consequently known as the Crypt Group.’
    • ‘He studied authors from the past along with modernists like Joyce, Eliot, and Pound, remarking how increased literacy altered oral cultures like Homeric Greece.’
    • ‘Comprehensive modernists both, they explored art forms from film to opera.’
    • ‘His respect for European modernists is passionate and some times surprising.’
    • ‘But Romantics, and modernists after them, needed to believe that genius in its own time is always neglected, misunderstood, etc.’
    • ‘He studied for a time at the Art Students League, where he was introduced to the experiments of European modernists.’
    • ‘On this tasting, though, I feel that the modernists with their technology have gone a bit too far in their aim of pleasing the consumer.’
    • ‘The modernists believed that New Zealand was ‘an empty land crying out for meaning’ and they set out to provide one.’
    • ‘Beck's art reflected the influence of classic modernists such as Kandinsky and Mondrian as well as the Abstract Expressionists.’
    • ‘This work has proven useful to scholars in many fields - from Romanticists to modernists - and with quite varied interests.’
    • ‘That contrast, at least, is not a fault, but an achievement, as profound as any to be heard in later moderns and modernists.’


  • Of or associated with modernism, especially in the arts.

    • ‘Rather, it is a refreshing example of contemporary modernist park design.’
    • ‘History's changing cultural place is also revealed by comparing the characteristic structure of Victorian and modernist novels.’
    • ‘In a departure from their usual cool, modernist installations, this summer they are responding to a very different environment.’
    • ‘These artists advocated a move away from modernist styles to a more straightforward naturalism.’
    • ‘This Southwestern look blends quite nicely with the casual, modernist style.’
    • ‘It represents the architect's late style, which marks his break with prevailing modernist trends.’
    • ‘At the same time, many of her pieces carry the hallmarks of high modernist abstraction.’
    • ‘The Second tries to find logic in sounds imagined in silence, and pre-empts modernist experimentalism.’
    • ‘The paintings themselves depicted unpeopled rooms furnished in generic modernist decor.’
    • ‘The result is an Afro-Brazilian subject overlaid with a European modernist style.’
    • ‘These included many associated with the modernist avant-garde, who worked in a variety of media.’
    • ‘Everything from sleek modernist furniture to Imperial Russian treasures will be on display.’
    • ‘He then rejiggered it to echo both the museum's eccentric modernist window and his childhood bedroom.’
    • ‘The ancient way of counting out lines thus provides a bass for these original, modernist inventions.’
    • ‘She also wrote two books on ceramics and was an authority on Art Deco and modernist ceramics.’
    • ‘The image becomes abstract, but is evocative of specific styles of modernist painting.’
    • ‘In this way, the Academy's representation of modernist pieces was only part of the battle.’
    • ‘These oils on canvas rework that fulcrum of modernist painting, the grid.’
    • ‘The show evinced an artist who remained deeply in thrall to modernist principles.’
    • ‘Although the art deco and modernist movements are of great interest to him, he claims to have no major influence on his work.’
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