Definition of moderate breeze in US English:

moderate breeze


  • A wind of force 4 on the Beaufort scale (13–18 miles per hour, or 11–16 knots).

    • ‘A moderate breeze was forecast in the Trossachs and prospects appeared perfect.’
    • ‘The wind began to pick up, first at a moderate breeze, but soon becoming more powerful.’
    • ‘Traditionally Polaris Regatta suffers either at the hands of too much or too little wind, so it was with relief that sailors and race committee alike were able to start two races in moderate breeze.’
    • ‘Our board sailors brought in the best results in light to moderate breeze of 8-14 knots.’
    • ‘Most of the boats up front suddenly found themselves battling against a moderate breeze, while those in the rear had a nice reach to the drop-off point, arriving before the pack.’


moderate breeze

/ˈmädəˌrāt brēz/