Definition of model theory in US English:

model theory


  • 1A theory based on or involving a representation or model, whether actual or conceptual.

  • 2The theory of making representational scale models, typically as guides to the behaviour of the object modelled.

  • 3Mathematics and Logic. The theory of mathematical or conceptual models, dealing with their construction, properties, the conditions of their validity, etc.; specifically a branch of mathematical logic dealing with the classification of mathematical structures and their elements in terms of first-order formulae that the elements satisfy.

  • 4A theory that is based on an exemplar or model; a theory that provides an exemplar or model.


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in Jabez Allies (bap. 1787, d. 1856), antiquary. From model + theory.


model theory

/ˈmɒdl ˌθɪəri/