Definition of modally in US English:



  • See modal

    • ‘She habitually does it as part of her routine, which is defined by the co-existence of ontologically and modally different realities.’
    • ‘One such position was that essence and existence are modally or formally distinct, such that existence constitutes a mode or property of a thing's essence.’
    • ‘The book differs from the article now within it both ideationally and modally.’
    • ‘Thus, when I say that Peter is a man, the thought by which I think of Peter differs modally from the thought by which I think of man, but in Peter himself being a man is nothing other than being Peter.’
    • ‘He makes the harp sing modally (mainly Dorian and Phrygian, for those keeping score), although he continually changes the modes.’
    • ‘‘The Road Not Taken’ and ‘The Pasture’ sport two marvelous tunes, both modally inflected in a way that may remind some listeners of Vaughan Williams.’