Definition of modacrylic in US English:



  • Relating to a synthetic textile fiber made from a polymer containing a high proportion of units derived from acrylonitrile.

    • ‘This page is your modacrylic one-stop source for the competitive price and quality.’
    • ‘Since modacrylic fibers are copolymerized with vinyl chloride or vinylidene chloride, they are flame retardant.’
    • ‘Our modacrylic range has something for everyone and human hair and mohair wigs are our specialty.’
    • ‘Outside material of working uniform with various sizes and modacrylic 55-60% cotton and 45-40% antistatic fiber blending content.’
    • ‘The low softening temperatures of modacrylic fibers allow them to be stretched, embossed and molded into special shapes.’


  • A modacrylic textile fiber.

    • ‘Most stuffed animals have an outer covering of fake fur, usually synthetic materials (polyester, acrylic or modacrylic) or natural materials (wool, wool/cotton, mohair, or alpaca).’
    • ‘And ‘Evolutionary Plastic’ and modacrylic are the first inherently flame-retardant synthetic fibers.’
    • ‘The company constructs its products from the wools, modacrylic, acrylic and fire-retardant polyester fibers.’
    • ‘Finally, acrylic and modacrylic are the predominant fibers used in the fast-growing craft yarn market.’


1950s: from modified (past participle of modify) + acrylic.