Definition of mockingly in US English:



  • In a way that makes fun of someone or something; derisively.

    ‘she laughed mockingly’
    ‘he was mockingly referred to as "the Colonel"’
    • ‘Insects persist, almost mockingly, in spite of farmers' fierce attempts to snuff them out.’
    • ‘She shook her finger at him mockingly, then became serious again.’
    • ‘The audience sings mockingly, trying to convince him to leave the stage.’
    • ‘It mockingly contrasts the glittering fantasy of Bollywood movies with the grim reality of Bombay life.’
    • ‘For centuries, we had mockingly stereotyped the French as sex-mad.’
    • ‘She flashed him the same eyes she first had looked upon him with, the same mockingly blue eyes.’
    • ‘She looked back at him, not able to resist imitating his expression mockingly.’
    • ‘In one verse, he mockingly described how the president expressed his love for his people by gradually restricting their freedoms.’
    • ‘"Too bad," he said mockingly before dashing away from the marketplace with his stolen prize.’
    • ‘Half mockingly he tells me, "I don't think I have changed a lot."’