Definition of mock orange in US English:

mock orange


  • A bushy shrub of north temperate regions that is cultivated for its strongly scented white flowers whose perfume resembles orange blossom.

    Genus Philadelphus, family Hydrangeaceae (formerly Philadelphaceae): several species and hybrids, in particular P. coronarius

    • ‘Gardeners could lay the same charge against most mock oranges.’
    • ‘And my mock orange bloomed very little this spring.’
    • ‘It's finally gone and I notice the mock orange bushes looking a little worse for wear.’
    • ‘I find mock orange irresistible - its sweet aroma wafts freely through the garden on every spring breeze.’
    • ‘The family includes ornamental shrubs such as mock orange, and all citrus fruit trees.’
    • ‘Add jewel mint of Corsica or creeping thyme between a path's stepping stones, and, if you have room, put a lemon or orange tree or a mock orange beside the path.’


mock orange

/ˈmäk ˈˌôrənj/