Definition of mock-heroic in US English:



  • (of a literary work or its style) imitating the style of heroic literature in order to satirize an unheroic subject.

    • ‘The mock-heroic style of the intertitles contrasts well with the banal visuals.’
    • ‘A brawl ensues, elaborately described in the author's mock-heroic style.’
    • ‘Moreover, this pattern of resemblance is rendered still more striking by the prominent appearance of mock-heroic topoi and diction in both poems.’
    • ‘The irony is that Boileau's mock-heroic method, as he applied it in his Lutrin of 1674-83, had already been tested in a charade from 1664, the Petite Commande.’
    • ‘The film is therefore a parody of a foreign educational movie with a hint of a mock-heroic tone.’
    • ‘Thus, returning to Through the Looking-Glass, we find the White Knight, a supremely funny, mock-heroic character.’


often as mock heroics
  • A burlesque imitation of the heroic character or literary style.

    • ‘When the satirist aims to deflate false heroes, imposters or charlatans, who claim a respect which is not their due, the vehicle he chooses for this is usually the mock-heroic.’
    • ‘It is these issues that should have been the focus of the press coverage from the start, not the mock-heroics of aircraft carriers, special forces and the stunt work of the young pilots in the sky.’
    • ‘The unifying theme of most of the top 10 seems to imply that the station's listeners are easily impressed by the mock-heroic.’