Definition of moblog in US English:



  • A weblog whose content originates from mobile phones and other portable wireless devices.

    • ‘It's a new way to blog and to moblog from the looks of it.’
    • ‘Early on, I planned to moblog a few written posts from my commute.’
    • ‘Here's some samples and they keep a moblog - if you like that sort of thing.’
    • ‘Since PDA batteries last longer than laptop batteries, I can moblog longer.’
    • ‘My attempts to create a moblog have failed miserably.’
    • ‘Depending on whether my phone will carry on working in Canada my brand spanking new photo moblog may or may not continue to be updated.’
    • ‘I will do this every day and upload cursory comments to my dedicated moblog site.’
    • ‘It's now happening so much that I'm considering not blogging it anymore. reason: What's the difference between a moblog and an ordinary weblog?’
    • ‘This time, he documents the rise of moblogs as hipper than regular blogs.’
    • ‘However, my students have no problems using it to moblog.’
    • ‘The weekend paper is now supplemented by a daily blog, with podcasts and moblogs.’
    • ‘Each of our moblogs, our mobile information profiles and archives, could search people in the area for compatible data.’
    • ‘There is a new fad in web logging called the mobile weblog or moblog.’
    • ‘By having a moblog, I've been forced to come out as who I really am, even at the office.’
    • ‘You can check out Jamie's own moblog with pictures from his tour, all taken on his mobile phone here’
    • ‘The site has moblog, video links, blog, pictures and audio - basically one of the best examples of real time conference coverage that I've seen.’
    • ‘For the first time there is a conference moblog, so those who can't be in Prague at least can get an idea about the issues discussed.’
    • ‘Many moblogs consist just of the pictures; others have commentary.’
    • ‘Well, we have things like the ability to moblog, to publish pictures to a blog, which is not necessarily the most relevant model to consumers.’
    • ‘With the rise of simple online photo-albums and moblogs, there just doesn't seem to be a point to having printouts of most photos any more.’


Early 21st century: blend of mobile and weblog.