Definition of mizzle in English:



  • Light rain; drizzle.

    rainfall, precipitation, raindrops, rainwater, wet weather
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[NO OBJECT]it mizzles", "it is mizzling, etc.
  • Rain lightly.

    ‘it was mizzling steadily’
    • ‘Moreover, chocolate can be dissolved by heat from below then vertically transferred to the top of the fountain, where it then mizzles downward the tiers.’
    • ‘Even as the drizzle mizzles down relentlessly on the site, it is a truly Arcadian setting.’
    • ‘There was a mizzling rain and only a slither of moon in the sky - as there was in the real sky last night - and the laneway was very dark.’
    • ‘Yesterday and today have been gorgeous, blue skies, small clouds and only mizzled this morning for a short while.’
    • ‘The gray skies have lingered all day, but it has not rained or even mizzled.’
    • ‘The yellow and red leaves are swirling down, the rain mizzles, the soft white sky is soothing after months of harsh sunlight.’


Late Middle English (as a verb): probably a frequentative from the base of mist; compare with Low German miseln and Dutch dialect miezelen.