Definition of mixed media in English:

mixed media


  • The use of a variety of media in an entertainment or work of art.

    • ‘Courses for teens and adults include mixed media, oil painting, pottery, acrylics and fibre arts.’
    • ‘There's painting, ballet, literature, ceramics, film, mixed media art, installations, music etc.’
    • ‘The exhibition features mixed media drawings and oil paintings that David drew from photographic images about the attacks.’
    • ‘Her mixed media paintings carry her wit and broad range of complex emotions, while other facets are strongly expressed in her hand-sewn dolls.’
    • ‘Artists work in a variety of media ranging from oils and watercolors to prints and photographs to sculpture and mixed media.’
    • ‘Their old world meets brave new future shock sensibility seems a perfect fit for today's melting pot of mixed media entertainment offerings.’
    • ‘Now they are ready to purchase an original, and what better place to start than mixed media, where the layers and materials and depth make it clear that no two pieces are alike.’
    • ‘Fine art students displayed work in ceramics, painting, watercolours, mixed media, prints, etchings and textiles.’
    • ‘But also Western techniques like etching, lithographs and screenprints or mixed media techniques are common.’
    • ‘His works are surrealistic and whimsical, rendered in oils and mixed media.’
    • ‘She specializes in various techniques, including oil painting and mixed media.’
    • ‘Louise is an emerging artist who prefers to work in mixed media and collage.’
    • ‘The Fine Art Division represents artists whose original work in oil, acrylic and mixed media is exhibited in fine-art galleries.’
    • ‘When the sculptures are dry, the girls use acrylic paint, along with a variety of mixed media such as yarn and fabric, to complete the pieces.’
    • ‘The paintings consist of works by local artists in oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel and mixed media.’
    • ‘She works in drawings, graphics, watercolors and mixed media.’
    • ‘Created using watercolours, oils, pastels, acrylics and mixed media the collection is an outstanding showcase of modern Australian art.’
    • ‘These multiple images make interesting works of art and give artists ample opportunity to use mixed media and a variety of technique.’
    • ‘Part of mixed media art's beauty is in the mystery of the creative process.’
    • ‘They will showcase several art disciplines including print making, sculptural ceramics and mixed media assemblage.’


  • another term for multimedia
    • ‘Library manufacturers have different philosophies about including mixed-media capabilities in their libraries, depending on their particular technical approach.’
    • ‘New data-protection paradigms, for instance, include mixed-media solutions.’
    • ‘Although it makes extensive use of virtual partitions in their libraries, it does not use it for mixed-media capability.’


mixed media

/mɪkst ˈmidiə//mikst ˈmēdēə/