Definition of mixed marriage in US English:

mixed marriage


  • A marriage between people of different races or religions.

    • ‘Some catholic priests will allow mixed marriages and some won't.’
    • ‘The other two groups are made up of those Bulgarians relocating there due to mixed marriages over the past 20 years and the latest is the wave of economic immigrants since 1989.’
    • ‘In the absence of directly comparing mixed and monoethnic marriages, it is difficult to determine if couples in mixed marriages actually experience higher levels of distress.’
    • ‘The proclaimed Jewish nature of the state is reinforced by a panoply of laws ranging from a ban on mixed marriages to over 90 per cent of the land and property in Israel being reserved for Jews.’
    • ‘Do mixed marriages differ in specific domains of relationship satisfaction from marriages in which both partners belong to the same ethnic group?’
    • ‘This is somewhat problematic within the larger community because new generations and the non-Estonian spouses of mixed marriages have a hard time understanding Estonian.’
    • ‘A mixed marriage is most commonly conceived as the marriage between people of different ethnic identities but it also refers to those of different religious backgrounds.’
    • ‘Finally, check your bookstore for books on mixed marriages; they could spark some good discussions and help you and Bill handle both your current and future dilemmas.’
    • ‘I did not say that the proportion of Catholics currently in religious mixed marriages has not increased.’
    • ‘The rate of mixed marriages increased, although they accounted for under 15 per cent of marriages by Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, and Algerians.’
    • ‘Three quarters thought cultural difference would be the most serious problem in a mixed marriage.’
    • ‘A large percentage of respondents objected to mixed marriages between ethnic Chinese Indonesians and indigenous Indonesians.’
    • ‘He questions the policy of disowning those who marry outside his faith, and, seeing the mixed marriages which are a normal part of life there, questions his own attitudes to sexuality.’
    • ‘This mixed marriages act posed yet another problem for us as our marriage was not recognised nor was our daughter recognised for inheritance purposes.’
    • ‘The 1935 Nuremberg Race Laws against Jews outlawed mixed marriages in pursuit of a pure Aryan race.’
    • ‘How can any serious examination of mixed marriages fail to compare them with other marriages and cultural norms?’
    • ‘The number of mixed marriages has also increased, from 6.4% to 10.6%.’
    • ‘The children of these mixed marriages are not a homogeneous lot.’
    • ‘Some of these provide rich discussions from which to draw, but many do not, In these cases, Rose reads discussions of related issues cleverly to infer about mixed marriages.’
    • ‘There are more mixed marriages but most communities are composed of more than 90% of either Catholics or Protestants.’


mixed marriage

/ˈˌmiks(t) ˈmerij/