Definition of mix-up in US English:


(also mixup)


  • 1A confusion of one thing with another, or a misunderstanding or mistake that results in confusion.

    ‘there's a mix-up over the tickets’
    • ‘Wouldn't it be horrible if all of the confusion and speculation turned out to be just a mix-up in medical terminology?’
    • ‘Drug administration errors, including four medication mix-ups in one 24-hour period, were behind the consultant's decision.’
    • ‘One of the most annoying common linguistic mix-ups is the confusion between atheist and agnostic.’
    • ‘The game really was a catalogue of errors, with wayward passes and mix-ups on both sides of the ball.’
    • ‘As it happens, there was a ticket mix-up and during the break we were moved from circle seats down to the stalls.’
    • ‘Errors such as packaging mix-ups or faulty packs that lead to nonsterile products can easily go undetected by the consumer.’
    • ‘Both stores said the label mix-up had been a genuine error.’
    • ‘You'd think there would have been more farcical complications in our lives, but we haven't had any of those mistaken-identity sweetheart mix-ups.’
    • ‘Most dry cleaners will attach small paper tags to your clothing's labels in order to avoid mix-ups, and separate garments by type to systematize their cleaning process.’
    • ‘Mike is saying that the mix-up is not his fault, that he can only work with the paperwork that has been given to him, and that Matt has messed something up.’
    • ‘But a mix-up at the ground meant the tickets remained locked up.’
    • ‘Worse still, the widower was never informed of the blunder and only discovered the mix-up after calling the college days before to arrange delivery of the prizes.’
    • ‘It's about an embryo mix-up in an IVF clinic resulting in a black couple and a white couple giving birth to each other's babies.’
    • ‘Hospitals can computerize their drug ordering, reducing errors caused by physicians' bad handwriting and providing a system of checks to avoid mix-ups.’
    • ‘A spare rifle in camp is a good idea, but as the example above shows it can result in cartridge mix-ups.’
    • ‘The geographical mix-up is a good metaphor for so many of the misunderstandings that plagued me in the first few years of my job.’
    • ‘One possible explanation for the mix-up is a case of mistaken identity.’
    • ‘It was a good system since we rarely had mix-ups.’
    • ‘This website has also learned that the countback rule itself is to be reviewed as a result of the mix-up.’
    • ‘The practice helps track inventory and can reduce data-entry errors as well as mix-ups.’
    confusion, muddle, misunderstanding, mistake, error, mess, jumble
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  • 2A combination of different things, especially one whose effect is inharmonious.

    ‘a ghastly mix-up of furniture styles’



/ˈmiks ˌəp//ˈmɪks ˌəp/