Definition of Mithraism in US English:


Pronunciation /ˈmiTHrāˌizəm//məˈTHrāizəm/


  • The cult of the god Mithras, which became popular among Roman soldiers of the later empire, and was the main rival to Christianity in the first three centuries AD.

    • ‘As it is, Christianity has drawn liberally on Mithraism which it has replaced.’
    • ‘There were four main spheres of religious belief in Roman Britain: the official Roman state religion; the Celtic cults; oriental beliefs, of which the most popular was Mithraism; and Christianity.’
    • ‘He intentionally fudge the edges of Christianity, Mithraism, and the cult of Sol Invictus.’
    • ‘Another competing though short-lived religion was that of Mithraism, with its many parallels to Christianity.’
    • ‘Who now remembers Mithraism, or the curious faith of the Gnostics?’