Definition of mitered in US English:



  • 1Joined with a miter joint or seam.

    ‘complete the sides with mitered corners’
    • ‘The lower portions of the bookcase doors have panels of crotch mahogany set within cross-grained and mitred satinwood surrounds.’
    • ‘Allow for extra length on the ends of boards with no miter cuts; these boards can be cut for a better fit after the boards with mitered ends are cut to fit and joined.’
    • ‘When a hem and facing come together at a corner, such as a sleeve vent, jacket back vent or skirt vent or slit, a mitered corner is the perfect way to finish the corner and eliminate the bulk.’
    • ‘Normally overlapped corner joints are better than mitered.’
    • ‘By removing some material from the back edge of the mitered face of one or both mating pieces, you may be able to close the open joint on the face of the joint (the only part that shows).’
    • ‘U- and L-shaped counter tops will need to be ordered mitered or cut to order as it is difficult to accurately miter these sections at home.’
    • ‘Bevel the vertical edges of the stringers to create a mitered joint with the risers.’
    • ‘Externally, the windowsills do not line up at the mitred corner joint, between the front and side sections.’
    • ‘If you have nicely detailed trim that will be stained, and want to do a first-class job, make a mitered return on the ends of the apron.’
    • ‘But today manufacturers are turning out trim with a heavy grain and mitered corners for a realistic appearance and shadow line.’
    • ‘At the windows, the siding is mitered to create a 3 1/2-inch edge, further echoing the thickness of the brick.’
    • ‘A particularly telling detail is the use of mitered corners where drawer sides join the drawer front.’
    • ‘They can be bought with trim already mitered and nailed on to one side and without trim.’
    • ‘Special rulers are available for cutting geometric shapes, angles, bias strips, mitered corners and squared-off fabric panels.’
    • ‘Room-sized rugs that are smooth and un-patterned often look best with a mitered border.’
    • ‘The key parts of the bench are the front and back legs - both have mitered corner joints and rounded bottoms.’
    • ‘‘The 45-degree angle of mitered corners focuses the eye to the art,’ he said.’
    • ‘Align the binding raw edges even with the next side to form a mitered corner.’
    • ‘The door panel surrounds are composed of four separate pieces of mahogany and mahogany veneer that are mitred entirely through.’
    • ‘The requirements for the box were: a base; four sides with mitered seams for the corners; a lid; and a handle.’
  • 2Bearing, wearing, or entitled to wear a miter.

    ‘the mitered bishop’
    • ‘Here she was vested in her robes of state and was met by the bishop who was to perform the ceremony, with all the chapel Royal in their copes, the bishop mitred.’
    • ‘A recent editorial cartoon showed a clerical procession in which a mitred man is being preceded down a church aisle by two young altar boys.’