Definition of misty-eyed in US English:



  • Having tears in one's eyes through emotion.

    ‘the bittersweet ending leaves even the toughest of guys misty-eyed’
    • ‘I think our misty-eyed longing for the high streets of our youth may be overly nostalgic.’
    • ‘Getting the four of us round the farmhouse kitchen table these days is a similarly misty-eyed aim.’
    • ‘This is not some misty-eyed rock star nonsense, this is achievable stuff.’
    • ‘God, what a dump - and yet Jack was all misty-eyed about the place.’
    • ‘Some 30 years later, Lisi still gets a bit misty-eyed at the memory of that first meeting.’
    • ‘Discussion of Byrne's old band signifies more than just misty-eyed nostalgia nowadays.’
    • ‘Cue misty-eyed articles from middle-aged graduates, waxing lyrical about their alma mater.’
    • ‘I have no need to resort to false praise based on misty-eyed sentiment: this is a rocking, vibrant, joyous album.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, at the ceremony today, quite a few of us graduates, faculty, and family members got a little misty-eyed.’
    • ‘But her audience isn't limited to a cache of misty-eyed ex-pats yearning for home.’
    • ‘Raburn grows nearly misty-eyed recalling his 50th birthday party, which Gates hosted.’
    nostalgic, tender, emotional, dewy-eyed, affectionate, loving
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