Definition of mistle thrush in English:

mistle thrush

(also missel thrush)


  • A large Eurasian thrush with a spotted breast and harsh rattling call, with a fondness for mistletoe berries.

    • ‘For the third year running a mistle thrush has chosen an amber traffic light in Salford to rear her young.’
    • ‘Despite the fall in song thrush numbers its bigger cousin, the mistle thrush, is still to be heard, singing its heart out from the tops of trees.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the chaffinch, great tit, and mistle thrush, which nest high up in trees, have shown no marked decline.’
    • ‘If no berries remain, having been stripped earlier by blackbirds and mistle thrushes, they perish.’
    • ‘Many birds are attracted by ornamental berries - blackbirds, starlings, thrushes and mistle thrushes are regularly seen in fruiting trees and bushes, and if you are lucky you may also be visited by fieldfares, redwings and even waxwings.’


Early 17th century: mistle from Old English mistel (see mistletoe).


mistle thrush

/ˈmisəl ˌTHrəSH//ˈmɪsəl ˌθrəʃ/