Definition of misstate in US English:



[with object]
  • Make wrong or inaccurate statements about.

    • ‘This may seem like mere quibbles, but there is something important in the way he misstates these positions.’
    • ‘However, equally I don't think one can credibly take a blithely post-modern approach and mutter vaguely about ‘multiple truths’, if basic historical factual assertions have been misstated.’
    • ‘An editorial on Saturday misstated the projected federal deficit over the next decade.’
    • ‘But both assertions over-stated and misstated the case because of the great gulf between them and the people whose faith ensured Church survival and possible revival.’
    • ‘Dave wrote to say I misstated his position on open source code - he's absolutely right, I did.’
    • ‘I think that misstates President Clinton's post-presidency statements on Social Security.’
    • ‘Because of an editing error, an article on Thursday about British prewar intelligence on Iraq misstated the location cited by President Bush in his State of the Union address when he talked about Iraqi efforts to acquire uranium.’
    • ‘However, I may inadvertently have misstated this by suggesting that upper income folks end up paying more taxes than before in absolute terms.’
    • ‘I understand your interest in this matter, it is just frustrating, Senator, when you consistently overstate the case, or misstate the case in order to suit the case that you want to put.’
    • ‘Creationists love to bring up the Cambrian ‘explosion’, but they frequently misstate the evidence considerably.’
    • ‘Rather, the problem was that the majority of them misstated the factors in precisely the same way.’
    • ‘But he didn't misstate anything or misrepresent himself at all.’
    • ‘No, I mean, I was a scholar in law school so I didn't take that class either, but he's misstating the law, and he ought to be fair and honest with all of us.’
    • ‘I also noted that the interviewer baldly misstated various facts, apparently to get a rise out of Blair, as well as taking a really insulting tone.’
    • ‘But it probably makes most sense to note that this even misstates his administration's position as even the administration's theorists or idea men themselves understand and articulate it.’
    • ‘For instance, I was plenty angry when WorldCom announced that it had misstated its earnings by $3.7 billion.’
    • ‘And here is an article that in my view badly misstates the libertarian position on marriage generally.’
    • ‘A chart on Dec.1 with an article about President Bush's role in reshaping the federal judiciary misstated the makeup of four appeals courts.’
    • ‘And once they came to understand what was going on, they either misstated it or in some cases just lied about what the situation was there.’
    • ‘Not only did he get the quote wrong, he also misstated the name of the character who said it and what the line referred to!’
    misreport, misrepresent, quote out of context, take out of context
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