Definition of missiology in English:



  • The study of religious (typically Christian) missions and their methods and purposes.

    • ‘As a Catholic statement of missiology, it is almost encyclopedic in range.’
    • ‘The preaching of justification is a powerful dimension of the theology of the cross; however, it is a much richer resource for missiology than that which is articulated by Luther.’
    • ‘We will be looking to take theology and missiology into the realms of positive construction.’
    • ‘Theological reflection in the field of missiology has been the richest and most prolific in Latin America during the last forty years.’
    • ‘That is not an understatement as what follows is both an incisive critique of much current missiology/ecclesiology as well as a challenge to boldly re-imagine what it means to do mission and be the church in a post-Christian age.’
    • ‘Eitel makes an important contribution to contemporary missiology, and challenges Southern Baptist missionaries to study mission methods and philosophy more thoroughly.’
    • ‘‘This is a very well-known reality in missiology,’ he added.’
    • ‘A functional and effective sense of mission in a pluralistic context may depend upon it, and the implicit Constantinian missiology of open communion has yet to offer an adequate account of the relationship between world and church.’
    • ‘The fact that Cowley Publications has included, for the first time, a book on mission in its New Church's Teaching Series reflects the growing interest in missiology in the church.’
    • ‘A missiology for the twenty-first century will reaffirm this universal theme as a dimension of the Good News.’
    • ‘I'm willing to hear the case that its missiology is all messed up.’
    • ‘A Lutheran missiology begins and ends with grace and faith.’
    • ‘Constants in Context is a survey of missiology, or the ways the church carries out its mission in the world.’
    • ‘This evangelical freedom enables a Lutheran missiology to enter every new context with freedom and flexibility in order to proclaim and live the gospel in ways that are relevant and meaningful to the new community of faith.’
    • ‘With the rapid demise of Modernism and the predominance of Postmodernism has come a radical change in missiology.’
    • ‘Maryknoll not only anticipated much of the new missiology promulgated at Vatican II, but has long promoted enculturating the gospel where it meets people.’
    • ‘Separate Baptists essentially remained Calvinist in their soteriology but were patently aggressive in their evangelism and missiology.’
    • ‘In the realm of missiology, how the church interacts with those outside the Christian community, ‘dialogue’ and ‘witness’ represent two ends in tension.’
    • ‘Kirill spoke about the chaos and suffering his society has experienced this decade, and he articulated a missiology of inculturation whereby culture becomes ‘a bearer of the message of Christ.’’
    • ‘A visionary in missiology, he led the congregation to reclaim its identity as a church in mission through an evolving partnership with Cuban Baptists.’


1930s: formed irregularly from mission + -logy.