Definition of miss the cut in US English:

miss the cut


  • Fail to equal or better a required score, thus being eliminated from the last two rounds of a four-round tournament.

    • ‘She hits her first three tee shots out of bounds, lips out half her par putts, and shoots 82 for her first round, then backs that up with a 75 and misses the cut by a baker's dozen.’
    • ‘Yesterday, however, he struggled to keep his game together and finished with a 78, seven over par, and narrowly missed the cut.’
    • ‘I had played only two tournaments on U.S. soil and missed the cut in both, which of course didn't get me much attention.’
    • ‘Yesterday, he drove away from the scene of his triumph having missed the cut on ten over par.’
    • ‘She missed the cut at the Colonial tournament in the US, but used the attendant media hype to further publicise the women's game.’
    • ‘What's a PGA Tour pro to do when he misses the cut and gets the weekend off?’
    • ‘Since then, he has regularly missed the cut, including at the Masters and at the US PGA Championship.’
    • ‘The bald facts are that, armed with perhaps the most substantial physical advantage in the history of sports, the 38-year-old Englishwoman contrived to miss the cut after rounds of 74 and 75.’
    • ‘The following year, in his second last tournament as an amateur, he missed the cut after rounds of 81 and 75.’
    • ‘Although she faltered in her second round with a four-over 74, missing the cut, her PGA debut was very respectable especially considering the intense circumstances.’