Definition of misreport in US English:



[with object]
  • Give a false or inaccurate account of (something)

    ‘the press exaggerated and misreported the response to the book’
    • ‘And that has been something that was misreported here by a major newspaper just a couple nights ago.’
    • ‘Once the boom began, one had to be a connoisseur of economic data to comprehend the state of the economy because it was so misreported in the mainstream media.’
    • ‘He also pointed out that the government has noted the stories in some media that he says misreported the facts about closed-door talks between two the governments' officials.’
    • ‘And it was also misreported that you know, I had made telephone calls to her.’
    • ‘I decided to take a closer look, and I have reached a tentative conclusion: This story was badly misreported from the beginning.’
    • ‘Other members of the trust board learned earlier this week that both inpatient and outpatient waiting times had been deliberately misreported.’
    • ‘As I discovered on reading his report of my talk and our conversation, he was certainly not above distorting or misreporting the facts to make his points!’
    • ‘The company has admitted staff misreported the contents of batches of Portland cement between September 2002 and December 2004, but vowed the irregularities would not reoccur.’
    • ‘Since at least some respondents misreported their use of drugs, the veracity of, and the wisdom in using, other information from these respondents may be questioned.’
    • ‘So, if the current AP story is correct, it confirms that ABC and the Post misreported the story - in the Post's case, in an article that was picked up by dozens of other newspapers off the paper's wire service.’
    • ‘Since social positions of trust, status, and prestige are generally occupied by those with higher levels of education, the tendency to misreport drug use would presumably increase with level of education.’
    • ‘This is another example of the media jumping all over a story and misreporting it.’
    • ‘Eventually, the very newspapers that misreported the story and collected equally gullible expressions of shock and outrage from academics and others reported the results of an Army investigation that came much closer to the facts.’
    • ‘Here, too, is a larger question than who wrote which words into a dossier, and who misreported that shard of truth.’
    • ‘Please do not support their anti-social behaviour by misreporting the situation and seeking sympathy for their cause.’
    • ‘News organizations frequently misreport scientific information and cover science of questionable validity.’
    • ‘There are no guarantees that they will get it exactly right, they're probably missing some things, they're probably misreporting some things, but that's the nature of the business.’
    • ‘Adding to these losses, Enron failed because its management was allegedly caught defrauding the market with false reporting, tax evasion - or misreporting income - and manipulating accounting rules.’
    • ‘Investigators determined that the company consistently misreported revenues, providing an unduly rosy picture to investors.’
    • ‘If you share my view of how the press is overdramatizing and misreporting every step of the primaries, read this article.’
    mix up, muddle, jumble, confuse, blur, slur, obscure, distort, twist, twist around, warp, misstate, misquote, misrepresent, mistranslate, misinterpret, misconstrue
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  • A false or incorrect report.

    • ‘Therefore, some cases of asthma may represent a misreport of asthmalike symptoms.’
    • ‘I am also curious as to whether those reports did in fact report movement of the ship, or whether it was a misreport, and any assessment you are aware of to that effect.’
    • ‘A relieved MacArthur, who had suffered an hour of doubt following an early misreport of failure, informed Washington that ‘the whole operation is proceeding on schedule’.’