Definition of misrecognize in US English:


(British misrecognise)


[with object]
  • Mistake the identity of.

    ‘sometimes the system misrecognized a command and did something completely unexpected’
    • ‘Because of my proclivities and my penchant for makeup, the straight community misrecognizes me as often, if not more so, as they do my butch counterparts.’
    • ‘In part this is, of course, related to the difficulties in assessing the effect of human actions upon ecosystems, especially when the temporal and spatial scopes of ecosystems are misrecognized by humans.’
    • ‘The truth is that they are (more often) a kind of inessential by-product, spontaneously secreted, as it were, by the social machinery, but misrecognising themselves as the very fuel by which it runs.’
    • ‘As indigenous people seek to engage in a performative dialogue, there is a danger of misrecognising the generative power of their performative expressions at two levels.’
    • ‘It means confronting the ways that prejudice works to misrecognize the intrinsic humanity of others.’
    • ‘But, nevertheless, in this social field most participants prefer to misrecognise themselves as incorruptible substances, ergo they think and simulate behaviour as if they were in the angelic spheres.’
    • ‘Jarrell's work, Burt argues, engages with and debates a cultural history of U.S. poetics - a history that has until recently misrecognized his contributions.’
    • ‘Miranda herself had first misrecognized Ferdinand as a ‘spirit’ - something, that is, controlled by her father's magic - and it appears that she was largely correct.’
    • ‘The photographs I have in the show are a way of being invisible, they are deliberately… they masquerade as abstract compositions, they have been in contexts before where they have been completely misrecognized as something else.’
    • ‘Privileging class struggle at best made a virtue of the necessary sectional fights for improvement within the system, or sorely misrecognised the commonality of British interests.’
    • ‘Both are ways of not-seeing, of either keeping a safe distance from, or misrecognising what there is to see of, the woman's difference.’
    • ‘A lot of times in the captioning the dialogue gets misrecognized and mangled into some pretty interesting language.’
    • ‘Romantic love, consequently, becomes a central mechanism of the symbolic violence that misrecognizes male domination and violence against women and renders it the woman's fault.’