Definition of misquotation in US English:



  • See misquote

    • ‘He is perhaps not responsible for the spelling errors and misquotations, but they are numerous.’
    • ‘Too often worn down by sloganeering or lost in misquotation, the truths of this statement are delicate, and seldom receive the careful consideration they demand.’
    • ‘Eventually they found the misquotations far too depressing and so the new release includes full lyrics.’
    • ‘No, this is not an ironic misquotation of the well-known words from the prophet Isaiah about beating swords into plowshares, which are inscribed on the wall of the UN.’
    • ‘I considered writing a letter to the editor at the time, but thought that being misquoted in a student newspaper probably didn't merit correction, especially since the misquotations were not that serious.’