Definition of misplaced modifier in US English:

misplaced modifier


  • A phrase or clause placed awkwardly in a sentence so that it appears to modify or refer to an unintended word.

    • ‘I stabbed the article I was editing with my pencil, skewering a misplaced modifier with a flourish.’
    • ‘The FCPT tests students' skills in coordination and subordination, logic, and misplaced modifiers; none of these concepts are covered in the developmental English course.’
    • ‘He brings up some examples of dangling / misplaced modifiers in text: you know them, they show up in those lists of bloopers, like Lying on the beach, mosquitoes attacked me.’
    • ‘Closer editing would have helped the book and eliminated misspellings, misplaced modifiers, and cliches.’
    • ‘Americans may sometimes find the prose a bit daunting, the occasional Anglicism, misplaced modifier, and passive voice requiring a thorough rereading.’