Definition of misplace in US English:



[with object]usually be misplaced
  • Put in the wrong place and lose temporarily because of this; mislay.

    ‘I'm sure the jewelry has just been misplaced, and not stolen’
    • ‘Kate, they keep saying they lost track of them, like they misplaced them the way you would your keys or your wallet.’
    • ‘Now I'm worried I may have misplaced the guy's number.’
    • ‘I'm sure I'm not the only parent who misplaced the letter before it was even opened, and almost missed the final deadline for sending in the form.’
    • ‘And later, he believes, someone tried to prevent him from filing his nomination by misplacing his file.’
    • ‘The losses often occur over many years, and since they initially seem harmless - who hasn't forgotten to pay a bill or misplaced the car keys?’
    • ‘It cannot be denied that land applications under various categories have either been routinely delayed or the paper work misplaced or lost, on several occasions.’
    • ‘Is there anyone reading this who hasn't been guilty at some point of misplacing their keys, losing track of the time or forgetting someone's name?’
    • ‘I was afraid I might have outright lost it rather than just misplaced it, so that's a relief.’
    • ‘Normally, jewelry and I were a rare combination, seeing as I would either lose it in two weeks or accidentally misplace it somewhere in my vast room.’
    • ‘Everyone misplaces things but a person with dementia may put things in unusual places like the iron in the fridge.’
    • ‘I mean, did you lose your wedding ring, maybe misplace it, can't find it?’
    • ‘All too often, photographs, documents and stories are misplaced or lost and the memories of families or cultures are left with gaping holes.’
    • ‘However, it is so tiny that it can easily be misplaced.’
    • ‘So Miss Jones misplaced some important correspondence.’
    • ‘I seem to have misplaced my invitation to the party.’
    • ‘Tape storage can go missing for a variety of reasons, including someone just misplacing the tape cartridges or losing them.’
    • ‘Of course, New Zealand citizenship's a must, but I seem to have misplaced my passport…’
    • ‘Instead I've somehow lost or misplaced the information.’
    • ‘For one thing, it's hard to lose or misplace a dog on your desk, and it's even harder to flatten one accidentally under a coffee cup.’
    • ‘This ensures that all required material is ordered and nothing is misplaced or lost.’
    lose, mislay, put in the wrong place, lose track of, miss, drop, forget, be unable to find, be unable to lay one's hands on, forget the whereabouts of, forget where one has put something
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