Definition of misperception in US English:



  • A wrong or incorrect understanding or interpretation.

    ‘there are many common misperceptions pertaining to copyright’
    • ‘It is in America's interest to discourage such misperceptions.’
    • ‘Don't hold back on expressing concerns, clarifying misperceptions, or acknowledging gaps in your capabilities.’
    • ‘With higher levels of business education, this misperception is changing.’
    • ‘We want to eliminate the misperception that software-based ads can only take the form of pop-ups.’
    • ‘The warnings that permeate Polonius's speeches derive from his misperception of controlling his daughter's sexuality.’
    • ‘The misperception is substantially more pronounced for pork than for beef.’
    • ‘He thinks the environmentalists should correct the misperceptions they have perpetuated.’
    • ‘Ask this: "What's the biggest misperception of you?"’
    • ‘Also contributing to misperceptions has been a worldwide deployment which prevented the small fleet from having a year-round Caribbean presence.’
    • ‘Misperceptions also endure about the extent of crime in inner city areas.’