Definition of Mishnaic in US English:



  • See Mishnah

    • ‘This is a practice of Mishnaic origin and is often mentioned in the records of the Inquisition as evidence of crypro-Judaism.’
    • ‘It has commonly been suggested that while biblical-style Hebrew was the written language, spoken Hebrew of Jesus' time was of the Mishnaic variety.’
    • ‘A traditional Jew studying Jesus' style in delivering the Sermon on the Mount is instantly reminded of the Mishnaic tractate Ethics of the Fathers, a collection of rabbinical sayings that Jesus' words appear to echo.’
    • ‘This was probably the result of an incremental process over the course of the third and fourth centuries in which ‘ever-multiplying calendrical rules… may have simply overrun the old Mishnaic system’.’
    • ‘This is the Mishnaic and Talmudic principle forbidding women to learn Torah.’