Definition of misguidedly in US English:



  • See misguided

    • ‘More times than not, the movie revolves around a crime or crime spree with the youth in question inadvertently, or misguidedly involved.’
    • ‘The person we are looking at is likely to be acting on his own, misguidedly believing he is the champion of a cause.’
    • ‘They recklessly bandy about terms like ‘toxins,’ ‘chemicals,’ and ‘poison’ while misguidedly revering ‘natural’ substances.’
    • ‘Occasionally, you find the oddballs who think it's an amusing circumstance, and will glance up at you, grinning and misguidedly believing they've stumbled upon the type of serendipity found in romantic comedies.’
    • ‘‘But I think a problem extends from working parents who misguidedly think that the cost of a registered childminder is going to cost more than someone who isn't registered, which is not the case,’ she added.’