Definition of misguide in US English:



[with object]rare
  • Mislead.

    ‘a long survey that can only baffle and misguide the general reader’
    • ‘Sometimes, when parents use this authority, they might be misguiding the child, even unintentionally.’
    • ‘I also feel that the manuals can sometimes misguide us.’
    • ‘We expect the two leaders at today's Press conference to apologise to their members for misguiding them on the matter or explain in simple terms what they meant when they made alarming statements that the pay tax would go up.’
    • ‘They are misguiding a lot of young people who have not developed their own religious beliefs and only represent a small percentage of Muslim opinion in the UK.’
    • ‘Scenes of smoking, violence and drinking can misguide the public, especially the youngsters.’
    misinformed, misled, misdirected, labouring under a delusion, labouring under a misapprehension, wrong, mistaken, deluded, ill-advised, foolish
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